Intellectual Property and Technology Partner Jowanna Conboye discusses Apple's strategy in settling the case.

Posted: 21 May 2021

Our Intellectual Property and Technology Partner Jowanna Conboye has been featured in a BBC News article, discussing class action lawsuits in relation to the Apple Powerbeats case.

Apple is compensating users of the headphones following a lawsuit in the US, and is paying $9.75m (£6.9m) to settle.

Jowanna says: "The large amount of the settlement payout by Apple is likely to be reflective of the number of members of the class action. As the settlement agreement held anyone who bought the headphones during the relevant period is eligible for the payout this could be in the hundreds of thousands considering the popularity of Powerbeats 2 in the active earphone market. Tactically Apple probably did the right thing in settling the case since it gets much less negative publicity that way and any issues with its product design or manufacture that would form part of the evidence before court remains secret and protected for Apple."

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