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Return to Work : Refusal and Discrimination

So, the PM has announced an ‘easing’ of the lockdown. Suffice to say that the measures have hardly been met with universal...

Article | Employment Law | COVID-19
Posted: 14 May 2020

Watch our Webinar: COVID-19, immigration and employment - government policies and HR best practice

Listen to immigration expert Samar Shams and employment law expert Fudia Smartt on their engaging, interactive webinar on the...

Article | Employment Law | COVID-19
Posted: 7 Apr 2020

COVID-19 Job Retention (“Furlough”) Scheme - Questions Answered Based on HMRC Guidance

1. Who can claim the furlough rebate? Any entity which has created and started PAYE payroll on, or before, 28 February 2020,...

Article | Employment Law | COVID-19
Posted: 6 Apr 2020

Furlough Leave - update and what we now know that we didn’t a few days ago

  *We intend to keep this page up to date with the latest developments on Furlough leave, please bookmark it and check...

Article | Employment Law | COVID-19
Posted: 3 Apr 2020

The implications of the Coronavirus for construction contracts

Video | Construction Law Update | Elizabeth Vago

Video | Employment Law | COVID-19
Posted: 12 Mar 2020

Employment Law: 5 fab facts for early March 2020

Having had a wet and miserable February, some of the following may brighten your day. Or just more of the same. We hope to be...

Article | Employment Law
Posted: 1 Mar 2020

5 employment law tips for January 2020

We start the new year with some interesting employment law issues arising at the end of 2019, and some new things to get on...

Article | Employment Law
Posted: 30 Jan 2020

Employment Case Round-up for 2019

Every year the employment tribunals and courts bring us an array of interesting (some worrying!) decisions and 2019...

Article | Employment Law
Posted: 6 Dec 2019

Changes to Employment Law, Rights and Enforcement

Following a BEIS commissioned study and report, "Good work: the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices" was published in...

Article | Employment Law
Posted: 21 Jan 2019

The obligation to notify competing employment

Ever wondered what the point of some of the more esoteric terms in restrictive covenants are really for and, frankly, whether there is much point to t...

Article | Employment Law
Posted: 1 Jun 2018

The new FIDIC contracts – the contractor’s perspective

When it comes to infrastructure or international projects our clients often reach for the FIDIC suite, written and published by...

Article | Employment Law
Posted: 8 May 2018

Working Time Rights of Employees

The workplace and how we work is constantly evolving, and never at such a pace as during the pandemic.  So it is helpful...

Article | Employment Law