Asad Aslam

Associate - Commercial & Corporate, Family, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution, Technology

Asad Aslam

Asad Aslam

Associate - Commercial & Corporate, Family, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution, Technology

Muhammad Asad Aslam Ranjha began his legal career upon completing his LLB from the illustrious University of Punjab, Lahore. His desire for advanced legal knowledge drove him to pursue an LLM in Commercial Law from the University of Management and Technology Lahore. Over the span of an 8-year diversified career, he seamlessly blended legal practice with academic instruction, serving as a beacon of knowledge at the University of Lahore.

Asad's legal experience further highlighted his skills. He has represented and appeared in numerous notable cases before esteemed judicial entities, including the High Court Lahore, Service Tribunals, Custom Appellate Tribunal, and Family Courts. Each litigation deepened his comprehension of the complex relationship between laws, businesses, and societal norms. Alongside his courtroom experiences, Asad has actively engaged in legal research, deepening his understanding of evolving laws and their societal impacts. This research work has enriched his legal perspective, further cementing his role as a versatile legal professional.

His tenure at the University of Lahore transcended traditional pedagogy. Asad is wholeheartedly committed to molding informed and discerning legal practitioners of the future. With the responsibility of curating a comprehensive curriculum, he meticulously crafted modules that emphasized the intricate nuances of business and corporate laws. Topics such as corporate governance, risk mitigation within legal frameworks, fiduciary responsibilities, and the broader legal ethos businesses must navigate were integral to my course design. Using a combination of in-depth lectures, empirical case analyses, and experiential learning exercises, he aimed to provide students with a robust understanding of the interconnectedness of commerce and law. This pedagogical approach was engineered to foster critical thought, equipping students to interrogate existing statutes, anticipate the implications of emerging legal paradigms, and confront the multifaceted challenges of the corporate legal sector.

Beyond the academic and practical realms, Asad ventured into intellectual contributions, penning various articles for respected HEC Journals. These publications span a range of critical topics, from business and corporate law to broader societal issues, including anti-terrorism, environmental norms, and the delicate dynamics of religious violence in Pakistan.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to my field, Asad harbors a profound passion for commercial litigations and dispute resolution. With a rich tapestry of teaching, practicing, and research experiences, he is poised to further the understanding and practice of commercial and corporate law on a global platform.


  • The financial action task force’s concerns and Pakistan’s measures for compliance 
  • Religious violence towards minorities: the case of Youhanabad church attack in Pakistan
  • Determinants of radicalization and militancy amongst the youth in Pakistan. 
  • Pakistan’s emerging regional politico-economic role in Shanghai cooperation organization
  • Counter-terrorism: push and pull factors impacting male youth involved in violent extremism in Punjab, Pakistan.

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Commercial & Corporate Law, Family Law, Dispute Resolution, Consumer Law


  • Partner: SJ Legal Consultants
  • Lecturer: The University of Lahore, Lahore
  • Visiting Lecturer: Cornelius Law College, Sargodha.
  • Associate Lawyer: Justice Law Chambers, Sargodha