Community and ESG

A Firm Built To Be World Changing

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) best practice is built into our business model from the ground up, not added as an afterthought.

As a Firm designed with strong, clear values in mind, we aim to use our expertise to make a positive contribution in all that we do.

Our global community of lawyers is hand-picked to bring not only professional excellence, but a positive diversity to our strikingly collaborative and business-focused way of working.

A Unique Outlook

Partners are valued inclusively, as people with their own individual identities, each bringing with them their own unique and special cultural and professional outlook when they join.

As well as dedicating up to ten per cent of the Firm’s profits to reward leadership and to benefit good causes, we work with many of the most influential names in the charity and climate sectors.

Involvement in Dynamic and Innovative Activities

We support and advise on some of the most dynamic and innovative climate change innovations, including international solar and wind power projects, and complex multi-jurisdictional legal matters involving energy transfer.

Our Partners save endangered species; promote indigenous African art; fund worldwide infrastructure for the care of premature babies; improve the wellbeing of NHS staff; build schools in India; provide training and support for alienated young people; distribute home-cooked food in deprived communities; and support families in conflict.

Environmentally Friendly and Globally Agile

Because our business model has been designed from scratch to reflect the challenges and opportunities of today’s world, we are not constrained by older, carbon-intensive habits. Our ability to leverage digital communication enables us to work in a way that is both environmentally friendly and globally agile. Cross-border conversations can be arranged literally at the speed of light, at zero cost to our planet.

Whether your challenge is managing a real estate transfer in the Caribbean, funding solar power in Spain, positioning offshore wind in the UK, improving infrastructure in Africa, or minimising risk in the digital domain, our team deliver globally in a way that minimises negative environmental impact, and maximises professional agility.

Pro Bono Work

Partners’ Pro Bono activities range from free legal clinics for hard-pressed families, to work for household name charities like The Prince’s Trust.

Our cutting-edge Pro Bono Incentive Scheme encourages our Partners to devote time to good causes on a regular basis. We support pro bono clients in the same way, and to the same standards, as we support our regular clients. If your charity or business is making a positive difference in the Environmental, Social or Governance space, and you need to save on legal costs, we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss how we might be able to help.

These are just some of the Environmental, Social and Governance activities that mark us out. But we want to do even better. Over the next five years, we will be setting measurable ESG targets and reporting publicly on these.

Making a positive impact is important to us. We want to be world-changing. And we will never stand still.

You can read more about our Partners’ world-changing activities and experiences, and the impact they are making, below.