The construction, engineering, and projects industry play a pivotal role in shaping the UK and global economy, serving as a driving force for change. At Spencer West, we recognise that navigating the landscape of development and change comes with both opportunities and challenges. Advancements in technology, digitalisation, modern construction methods, and increased government investment present opportunities, while material shortages, skilled labour deficits, project delays, and sustainability concerns pose challenges. We understand that these opportunities need effective structuring, and challenges require adept management and resolution. 

Our team, comprised of commercially focused and hands-on senior lawyers and construction professionals, stands as your trusted advisors throughout the journey. Whether you operate in the public or private sector, at any point in the supply chain, we offer cradle-to-grave services, from initial procurement advice to comprehensive dispute resolution and everything in between. 

What sets us apart is our exceptional industry and legal expertise. Our unique multi-disciplinary team includes lawyers, barristers, arbitrators, international consultants, and commercial project management and engineering experts. From small residential projects to complex commercial endeavours, we cater to a diverse clientele across the UK and internationally, including Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, and the UAE. 

Recognising that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, we prioritise listening to your needs. Our collaborative approach allows us to provide flexible services, solutions, and outcomes tailored to your specific objectives. Driven by our core values of excellence and collaboration, we are committed to making a positive difference and adding value to you and your business. 

What we advise on
  • Contract procurement, form and process  
  • Project financing  
  • Project site and design risks  
  • LADs  
  • Bonds and Parent Company Guarantees  
  • Third party rights or collateral warranties  
  • Structured avoidance of disputes  
  • Project contracts and associated appointments, collateral warranties and guarantees  
  • Development agreements  
  • Issues related to time, cost, quality, supply chain, cashflow, solvency, health and safety, and termination   
  • Dispute avoidance  
  • Dispute resolution through negotiation, mediation, expert determination, contract specific tiered ADR, adjudication, litigation, domestic and international arbitration  
Who we work with
  • Construction companies  
  • Engineering firms  
  • Project developers  
  • Suppliers and purchasers  
  • Infrastructure investors  
  • Government bodies  
  • Architects  
  • International businesses  
  • Supply chain partners  
  • Local and international contractors  
  • Financial institutions  
  • Sustainability advocates  
  • Major investors  
  • High-profile families and individuals 
Specialist Expertise

Our unique multi-disciplinary team, consisting of lawyers, barristers, arbitrators, international consultants, and commercial project management and engineering experts, allows us to offer specific expertise on a case-by-case basis. This breadth of experience enables us to provide a seamless legal service tailored to your location and requirements 

We frequently collaborate with colleagues in property, real estate, technology, employment, and finance, drawing on their expertise when needed. Similarly, we refer work to colleagues in these areas for more specialized assistance. 

Recognizing that projects are not risk-free, we excel at anticipating and planning for risks, as well as handling unforeseen circumstances that may affect your project. Examples include delays, additional costs, solvency concerns of contracting parties, and health and safety issues. In the event of such risks, our dispute resolution specialists are readily available to reduce the risk of escalation. Our team resolves disputes through negotiation, mediation, expert determination, contract-specific tiered ADR, adjudication, litigation, and domestic and international arbitration. 

Meet our team

Antoine West
Managing Partner - Co-Founder
Emma Claremont
Partner – Construction, Engineering and Projects, Dispute Resolution
Henry Clarke
Partner – Construction, Commercial and Corporate
Nigel Croxford
Consultant - Construction, Engineering & Projects
Maurice Esterkin
Partner - Commercial Real Estate and Construction
Sarah Evans
Partner – Construction, Engineering & Projects, Dispute Resolution
Frances-Yvonne Igweh
Partner – Head of Africa Practice, Construction, Engineering & Projects
Rod Macdonald
Consultant - Construction, Engineering & Projects
Jonathan Sharp
Partner - Commercial Dispute Resolution, Risk & Compliance
Spencer West Partner Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson
Partner - Construction