At Spencer West, we understand that building a strong foundation is paramount for business success. 

Sourcing the right solutions is crucial, and well-defined commercial and procurement processes are the backbone of any successful business model. Our team recognise the critical importance of this foundation. We are highly experienced in navigating the complexities of both IT and business process outsourcing contracts, ensuring meticulous execution from inception to safeguard against wasted resources and foster maximal growth opportunities. 

Whether you’re renegotiating services contracts or strategising a competitive supplier selection process, our experts tailor their advice to your commercial interests. We guide you in identifying and implementing the optimal course of action, crafting legal solutions aligned with your business objectives. Trust Spencer West to help you maximise value, mitigate risks and maintain operational efficacy post-signature, ensuring a seamless transition at every step. 

What we advise on
  • crafting tailored IT and/or business process outsourcing contracts. 
  • transitioning in-house services to external contractors. 
  • transitioning services between external contractors. 
  • renegotiating complex services contracts. 
  • evaluating business strategy and running competitive supplier selection processes. 
  • sourcing the right services for your business at a competitive price. 
  • drafting legal contracts which are fit for purpose, add value, reduce risk and ensure workability post-signature.
Who we work with
  • buyers and sellers of both IT and business process outsourced services, across many different sectors. We do this globally.  
  • our clients include technology companies, SMEs, blue chip companies and public sector departments, agencies and other public bodies.
Specialist Expertise

At Spencer West, our expertise goes beyond traditional legal services. We delve deep into the complexities of technology and its underlying issues, ensuring a comprehensive understanding that transcends mere legalities. But we don’t stop there. We believe in offering innovative solutions that redefine the landscape of professional services. 

We can provide traditional legal support for an outsourcing project or, alternatively, form collaborative partnerships with handpicked management consultants, resulting in dynamic, multi-disciplinary teams. This unique blend of legal expertise and strategic consultancy enables us to deliver alternative solutions that challenge conventional practices and drive optimal outcomes for our clients. 

Our team of senior lawyers has decades of commercial and legal expertise and comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of sectors, particularly the technology sector. We have experience in negotiating with and acting for most of the major suppliers to the technology sector, enriching our understanding with first-hand experience of what can be achieved with those suppliers.  

From the initial stages of procurement to the final implementation of contracts, we offer a cradle-to-grave service, guiding our clients through every step of the process. Post contract signature, we continue to support our clients throughout the contract lifecycle, including advising them in relation to contract variations. Our focus is on understanding each client’s unique business objectives and providing tailored advice and support to meet their needs. 

When working alongside specialist management consultants, we integrate operational, commercial, technical and legal expertise seamlessly. This integration expedites the procurement process, ensuring efficient decision-making and cost-effective solutions. Moreover, our meticulous attention to detail helps mitigate potential risks and overcome unexpected obstacles, safeguarding our clients’ interests at every turn. 

Meet our team

Karl Foster
Partner - Commercial
Christopher Perrin
Partner - Commercial, Technology, Outsourcing and Data
Edmund Probert
Partner – Commercial Law, IT Contracts & Intellectual Property