In the face of disputes, having a skilled dispute resolution lawyer by your side is essential. Our team excels in assessing merits and providing strategic advice to achieve a commercial resolution promptly. In the modern era, resolving contentious matters within an appropriate costs budget is crucial, and our proactive, commercially-minded, and realistic dispute resolution lawyers are up to the task. 

We recommend strategies for early dispute resolution through negotiation, mediation, and early neutral evaluation. If a satisfactory agreement is not attainable, our lawyers efficiently pursue proceedings before the courts, tribunals, or arbitration panels. Our experience extends to litigation in national courts across various jurisdictions and international disputes involving multiple jurisdictions. 

With a growing international capability, our formidable team of international arbitration practitioners specializes in major arbitral forums, handling diverse disputes such as those related to international trade and construction projects. 

Our expertise includes the enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards, successfully obtaining interim remedies like freezing orders. Spencer West boasts specialist teams in areas including construction, engineering, projects, employment law, family and divorce, insurance, intellectual property, international arbitration, property disputes, trusts, probates, and estate disputes, as well as a team of mediators and international arbitrators. 

What we advise on
  • Early resolution strategies through negotiation, mediation and early neutral evaluation  
  • Proceedings managements before courts, tribunals and arbitration panels  
  • international litigation   
  • Enforcement of judgements, arbitral awards, and interim remedies  
  • Pre-contractual negotiations and advisory work  
  • Employment-related disputes  
  • Construction claims  
  • Professional negligence  
  • Insurance claims  
  • General commercial contract claims  
  • International trade disputes  
  • Shareholder disputes  
  • Landlord and tenant disputes  
  • Real estate disputes  
  • Major international arbitration forums including ICC, LCIA, DIFC, SCC, ICSID and ad hoc tribunals  
  • International enforcement of arbitral awards  
  • Family inheritance claims and trust disputes
Who we work with
  • Businesses of all sizes  
  • Construction companies  
  • Engineering firms  
  • Businesses of all sizes  
  • Construction companies  
  • Engineering firms  
  • Employers and employees  
  • Individuals   
  • Trustees and beneficiaries  
  • Cross-border businesses  
  • Energy companies  
  • Aviation and maritime companies  
  • Real estate clients  
  • Conveyors 
Specialist Expertise

Our dispute resolution lawyers bring extensive experience in their practice areas and sectors, collaborating to provide relevant specialist expertise, resources, and sector knowledge for each matter. Specialised fields include: 


Addressing contractual disputes, project delays, and construction defects, our Construction, Engineering & Projects team focuses on strategic resolution. Proficient in negotiation and litigation, we efficiently manage disputes, minimising the impact on project timelines and costs. We leverage our experience before national courts and international arbitration panels to provide tailored solutions, fostering successful project outcomes for all stakeholders involved. 


Handling wrongful terminations, discrimination claims, and breach of contract, our Employment Law team offers strategic counsel to employers and employees. Our proactive approach involves exploring resolution through negotiations, mediations, and, when necessary, litigation. Whether before national courts or through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, our goal is to achieve optimal outcomes while preserving workplace relationships.   


Providing compassionate and strategic guidance in divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, and spousal support matters, our Family law specialists prioritise amicable solutions through mediation and negotiation, with experienced litigators for complex cases. Our goal is to facilitate resolutions that prioritise the wellbeing of all parties involved, particularly in matters involving children, and to guide our clients through the legal processes with empathy and expertise.   


Efficiently addressing coverage disputes, claim denials, and liability concerns, our team combines industry expertise with strategic resolution techniques. 


Offering strategic counsel to safeguard clients’ IP rights, handling patent, trademark, and copyright disputes through negotiation, mediation, and litigation. Our Intellectual Property law specialists tailor their approach to protect our clients’ valuable intellectual assets, with expertise in national and international IP laws.   


Specialising in major forums such as ICC, LCIA, DIFC, SCC, ICSID, and Ad Hoc tribunals, we navigate complex cross-border disputes across all sectors with a focus on enforceable outcomes. We guide clients through the intricacies of international arbitration, offering strategic advice, meticulous preparation, and effective representation. 


Providing strategic guidance for commercial and residential real estate conflicts, including landlord and tenant issues, contractual disagreements, and title disputes as well as more complex matters such as leasehold enfranchisement, lease extensions, and development disputes. We offer tailored solutions for early resolution as we recognise it is often in parties’ interests to resolve matters without going to Court, avoiding delays and extra costs. 


Guiding clients through family wealth-related challenges following the passing of a family member, addressing inheritance claims, family trust disputes, and tax complications, our Private Wealth experts navigate a diverse range of disputes with an emphasis on resolution. 


Our accomplished team of mediators and international arbitrators provides a wealth of experience in facilitating and resolving disputes through alternative dispute mechanisms, serving as impartial third parties with expertise in various industries and forums including ICC, LCIA, DIFC, SCC, ICSID. We bring a nuanced understanding to complex cross-border disputes and are experienced in the international enforcement of arbitral awards. 

Meet our team

Simeon Spencer
Senior Partner – Co-Founder
Antoine West
Managing Partner - Co-Founder
Stephen Abletshauser
Partner - Corporate, Private Client & Estate Planning
Alison Armstrong
Partner – Private Client
Asad Aslam
Associate - Commercial & Corporate, Family, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution, Technology
Sonya Bassett
Partner - Corporate & Commercial
Sonya Bedford MBE
Partner– Energy
Robert Bell
Partner - Competition & Regulatory
Nick Benson
Partner - Business Law
Jeremy Berg
Partner - Dispute Resolution
Tim Berg
Partner - Dispute Resolution and Insolvency
Kishan Bhatt
Partner - Mediation, Dispute Resolution and Corporate Advisory
Gurvir Birang
Senior Consultant - Commercial & Insolvency Dispute Resolution
Andrew Bird
Partner – Corporate
Golnar Bokaei
Partner - Real Estate, Family Law & Dispute Resolution
James Brenan
Partner – Real Estate
Suzanne Brooker
Partner - Restructuring & Insolvency, Construction
Tobey Butcher
Partner - Dispute Resolution / Dispute Finance
Paolo Caldato
Partner – Commercial Dispute Resolution
Helena Camacho
Partner - Residential & Commercial Property
Hilesh Chavda
Partner - Private Client
Ishtiaq Nawaz- Chechi
Partner – Real Estate, Lending, Commercial
Emma Claremont
Partner – Construction, Engineering and Projects, Dispute Resolution
Simon Cohen
Commercial Property, Acquisitions, Landlord and Tenant matters, Renewal of Business Leases, Residential Real Estate
Jowanna Conboye
Partner - Intellectual Property; Technology; Commercial
Valerie Cooper
Partner - Family Law
Nigel Croxford
Consultant - Construction, Engineering & Projects
Joanne Cummings
Partner – Real Estate
Richard Wyn Davies
Partner – Family, Dispute Resolution, Private Client
Helen Davis
Partner - Residential Property & Real Estate
Cyril Dennemont
Partner - International Employment and Business Law
Poh-Leng Devare
Partner – Commercial, Intellectual Property, Data Protection
Dhana Doobay
Partner – Telecoms, Media & Technology
Jonathan Ebsworth
Partner - Corporate & Commercial, Finance, Intellectual Property
Richard Eccles
Partner - Competition Law
Sarah Evans
Partner – Construction, Engineering & Projects
Stuart Evans
Partner - Commercial Dispute Resolution
Tim Fongern, Spencer West Partner
Tim A. Fongern
Partner - Corporate, M&A
Robert Foote
Partner - Corporate/Commercial Disputes, Restructuring and Insolvency
Karl Foster
Partner - Commercial
Toby Fountaine
Partner - Commercial, Intellectual Property & Private Client
Andrew Fraser
Partner - Franchising, IP and Commercial Contracts
Sivan Gelb
Partner – Real Estate
Andrew Gilbert
Partner – Dispute Resolution/Corporate and Commercial
Richard Gilbert
Partner - Family, Contested Trust & Probate
Kristy Gouldsmith
Partner - Data Protection, Privacy and Cybersecurity
Emma Gross
Partner – Employment, Data Protection
Hanne Mällinen-Scott
Partner – Family Law
Stephen Harris
Partner - Real Estate/Commercial Property
Brian Hearne
Partner – Real estate
Cameron Hill
Partner – Director, Spencer West Bermuda
Frances-Yvonne Igweh
Partner – Head of Africa Practice, Construction, Engineering & Projects
Bryony Irvine
Solicitor – Employment / Private Client
Desiree Jacob
Partner - Director Cayman Islands Office
Louise Johal
Partner - Dispute Resolution, Insolvency
Amrit Johal
Partner - Commercial Dispute Resolution, Family Law & Sports Law
Simon Kenny
Partner - Immigration
Aaron Kenny Banking & Finance Partner solicitor at Spencer West
Aaron Kenny
Partner - Banking, Structured Finance and Asset Based Lending
Maleeha Khan
Associate Solicitor
Jack Khurana
Partner – Commercial Dispute Resolution and Employment Law
Natalie Knight-Wickens
Partner - Corporate & Commercial
Sharokh Koussari
Partner - Employment & Dispute Resolution
Spencer West Partner Hei Leung
Hei Leung
Partner - Real Estate
Diane Liston
Partner - Family, Private Client and Litigation
Germana Lo Iacono
Partner - Banking and financial services litigation; clinical negligence litigation
Haiqiao Lou
Partner – Real Estate
Spencer West Partner Suzanne Low
Suzanne Low
Partner – Residential Conveyancing
Zac Lucas
Partner – International Private Client
Thiara Malik
Partner – Residential Property
Duncan McNair
Partner – City/commercial disputes; and Wills/Estates/Inheritance disputes resolution
Mustafa Mehmood
Partner - Real Estate and Sports Law
Ilana Menachemson
Partner - Corporate & Commercial
Ted Mercer
Partner - Communication Industries and Dispute Resolution
Michael Miller
Partner – Agriculture, Farms & Estates
Hudda Sara Morgan
Partner - Probate, Administration of Estates
David Morton
Partner - Finance
Justin Murray
Partner – City Disputes: Contentious Employment and Commercial Dispute Resolution
Syed Mustafa Mahdi
Partner - Commercial & International Dispute Resolution
Paul Nathan
Partner - Dispute Resolution, Company Commercial and Insolvency
Georgia Neblett
Associate Solicitor – Family Law
Henry Nydam
Partner – Dispute Resolution
Aidan O’Reilly-Armas
Conveyancer - Residential and Commercial Property
Muhammad Salman Jamil Owaisi
Partner - Dispute Resolution
Gerallt Owen
Gerallt Owen
Partner - Investigations, Regulatory and Corporate crime
Brendan Pang
Partner - Dispute Resolution, Property Disputes
Michael Parker
Partner – Commercial Dispute Resolution
Prakash Patel
Partner – Commercial Dispute Resolution
Tony Pearce
Senior Counsel / Consultant – Will, Trust and Estate Disputes
Marc Picat
Partner – EU & Competition Law - Commercial
Edmund Probert
Partner – Commercial Law, IT Contracts & Intellectual Property
Eusebio Pujol
Partner - Corporate and Commercial; M&A; Real Estate
Paul Puxon
Partner – Corporate and Commercial
Sangeeta Rabadia
Partner - Private Client
Zoya Rao
Partner - Corporate, Commercial and Dispute Resolution
Keira Rawden
Partner – Commercial and Residential Real Estate
Rich Risino
Partner - Private Client Advisory
David Rose
Partner – Family, Commercial Dispute Resolution
Somaiyya Saad
Registered Foreign Lawyer
Spencer West Partner Dr. Peter Schneidereit
Dr. Peter Schneidereit
Partner - IT Contracts and Data Protection
Michaël Schrevens
Partner - Commercial, Contracting, IP and ICT law, Construction and real estate, Franchising, Corporate law, Litigation and dispute resolution
Justin Selig
Partner - Real Estate
Venisha Shah
Partner – Family Law
Jonathan Sharp
Partner - Commercial Dispute Resolution, Risk & Compliance
Philip Solomons
Partner – Corporate and Commercial
Andrew Sparrow
Senior Counsel – Corporate and Commercial, IT, IP, Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection and Commercial Aerospace
Suzie Stanley
Partner - Property Litigation
Alishba Taj
Registered Foreign Lawyer - Real Estate, Sports Law and Commercial
Alan Taylor
Consultant - Commercial Real Estate, Residential Property
Bradley Theobald
Partner - Corporate and Intellectual Property transactions
Tanya Thomas
Partner - Education Law
Spencer West Partner Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson
Partner - Construction
Simon Ward
Partner – Corporate & Commercial | Technology
Lisa Wilson
Partner - Residential Property
Joshua Yam
Partner – Real Estate
Euri Yoon
Partner – Tax
Syeda Javeria Hassan
Associate - Commercial Law and Commercial Dispute Resolution
Shahaab Kharal
Trainee Solicitor - Real Estate and Development, Private Finance, Commercial and Dispute Resolution