In the contemporary knowledge-based economy, safeguarding intellectual property is crucial for the success and security of businesses. At Spencer West, we recognise the profound responsibility involved in protecting and defending these assets, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. 

Our intellectual property lawyers bring extensive experience to the table, advising company boards on the identification, registration, maintenance, and protection of intellectual property assets. With industry-specific expertise in information technology, data and cybersecurity, media (including advertising and digital marketing), and telecoms, our lawyers ensure a nuanced understanding of your sector’s unique challenges. 

We adopt a commercial, business-oriented mindset to protect and defend your ideas, aiming to maximise their potential both in the UK and on a global scale. Serving as trusted advisors, we collaborate across Spencer West to assemble bespoke teams tailored to your business and specific situation. 

What we advise on
  • structuring and negotiating complex IP transactions, including licensing arrangements, research and development agreements, collaboration agreements and technology joint ventures
  • advising on sponsorship, advertising, promotions, merchandising and franchising
  • resolving IP infringement disputes in the UK courts
Who we work with
  • Technology companies  
  • Media organisations  
  • Data and cybersecurity firms  
  • Telecommunications companies  
  • Company boards  
  • Entities engaged in IP transactions  
  • Parties in sponsorship, advertising, promotions, merchandising and franchising  
Specialist Expertise

Our commitment to protecting intellectual property extends across various sectors. Whether your intellectual property pertains to patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, software licensing, database rights, AI and machine learning, contractual protections, data analytics, or branding elements, we take pride in our ability to safeguard it effectively. 

Intellectual property plays a crucial role in corporate and commercial transactions, and our IP lawyers work closely with corporate lawyers to identify, evaluate, and protect critical IP in these scenarios. Additionally, we collaborate with data and cybersecurity lawyers to address specialised data-related issues, competition lawyers on any competition concerns, and sector specialists in fields such as hospitality and renewable energy. 

In the dynamic landscapes of Technology, Media, and Telecoms (TMT), information technology, data privacy, and cybersecurity, and media, particularly advertising and digital marketing, our intellectual property lawyers play pivotal roles. These sectors are undergoing rapid evolution due to digitalisation and emerging technologies, emphasising the need for precise business advice that includes robust protection of intellectual property rights. 

With a focus on collaboration and specialised teams, we navigate the complexities of protecting intellectual property in rapidly evolving areas like FinTech, SAAS, and other specialist technologies. Understanding and strategically managing various forms of intellectual property are essential for companies in these sectors to safeguard their innovations, brand identity, and competitiveness in an ever-changing and competitive market. 

Meet our team

Asad Aslam
Associate - Commercial & Corporate, Family, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution, Technology
Nick Benson
Partner - Business Law
Jowanna Conboye
Partner - Intellectual Property; Technology; Commercial
Poh-Leng Devare
Partner – Commercial, Intellectual Property, Data Protection
Dhana Doobay
Partner – Telecoms, Media & Technology
Jonathan Ebsworth
Partner - Corporate & Commercial, Finance, Intellectual Property
Karl Foster
Partner - Commercial
Toby Fountaine
Partner - Commercial, Intellectual Property & Private Client
Andrew Fraser
Partner - Franchising, IP and Commercial Contracts
Edmund Probert
Partner – Commercial Law, IT Contracts & Intellectual Property
Paul Puxon
Partner – Corporate and Commercial
Bradley Theobald
Partner - Corporate and Intellectual Property transactions