Whether you’re involved in buying or selling a business, seeking third-party investment or financing, entering a joint venture, expanding across jurisdictions, or undergoing business restructuring, wise counsel is crucial to navigate commercial complexities and structure your business effectively 

Spencer West’s corporate lawyers bring a wealth of experience, advising finance directors and boards of both listed and unlisted companies. Many of our lawyers have direct experience working in-house or serving as directors on company boards. With a resolute business perspective, we offer advice with the ‘business owner’s eye. 

We provide a comprehensive range of corporate, commercial, and business-related legal services, covering every aspect of a business’s legal life, from inception and constitutional documentation to development, expansion through equity and debt finance rounds, and strategic exit planning. Our clientele spans from startups to listed international corporations.

What we advise on
  • mergers and acquisitions – share and asset sales and purchases
  • shareholders agreements and joint ventures
  • company reorganisations
  • corporate finance
  • corporate governance, including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues
  • directors’ service agreements
  • share plans (including employee share schemes)
  • shareholder disputes
  • equity capital markets, listings on stock exchanges and share placings
  • company incorporation and start-up advice
Who we work with
  • listed and unlisted companies
  • private equity firms
  • owners and managers
  • start-ups/scale-ups
Specialist Expertise

Our work spans various sectors, and our corporate practice is bolstered by cross-team collaboration and sector-specific teams with specialist expertise. Some notable areas include 


Our Information Technology and FinTech specialists play a crucial role in supporting corporate clients navigating the complexities of the rapidly evolving digital landscape. They address legal challenges related to data privacy, cybersecurity, blockchain, and regulatory compliance, ensuring seamless integration of technological advancements into corporate structures 


Collaborating with our Construction, Engineering, and Projects team helps corporate clients navigate legal intricacies in the built environment. This collaboration ensures the seamless execution of corporate initiatives involving infrastructure development, real estate, or large-scale projects within legal frameworks, addressing design risks, project financing, and dispute resolution. 


As client demand for legal advice in the media sector rises, we collaborate with experts to provide guidance on content creation, distribution, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance. Our advice covers contracts, licensing agreements, content acquisition, and the protection of intellectual property rights, enabling corporate entities to leverage their media assets effectively. 


Our collaboration with lawyers specialising in hospitality and leisure provides tailored expertise to address the unique challenges and opportunities within the industry. We offer advice on hotel management agreements, licensing, regulatory compliance, customer relations, and employment issues, fostering a comprehensive legal approach for corporate ventures in hospitality and leisure. 


Recognising the increasing reliance on communication technologies, our telecoms team brings specialist knowledge in areas such as regulatory compliance, licensing, spectrum management, data protection, and telecommunications contracts. This collaboration ensures support for clients navigating the complex landscape of telecoms and infrastructure development, service agreements, and compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks. Our telecoms lawyers contribute to the seamless integration of advanced technologies, such as 5G and IoT, into corporate strategies. 

Meet our team

Simeon Spencer
Senior Partner – Co-Founder
Stephen Abletshauser
Partner - Corporate, Private Client & Estate Planning
Christiana Antoniou
Partner - Corporate, Real Estate, Business Immigration
Theo Antoniou
Partner - Corporate and Financial Services Regulatory
Sonya Bassett
Partner - Corporate & Commercial
Andrew Bird
Partner – Corporate
Suzanne Brooker
Partner - Restructuring & Insolvency, Construction
Paolo Caldato
Partner – Commercial Dispute Resolution
Jan Cant
Partner – Corporate Law, M&A, Contracting, IT & Telecoms, PPP, GDPR, International Institutions, Construction and Real Estate
Tim Cargill
Partner - Corporate, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Commercial, Banking & Finance
Henry Clarke
Partner – Construction, Commercial and Corporate
Cyril Dennemont
Partner - International Employment and Business Law
Dhana Doobay
Partner – Telecoms, Media & Technology
Richard Eccles
Partner - Competition Law
Michael Edwards
Partner - Corporate and Commercial
Sue Farrow (formerly Sue El Hachmi)
Partner - Corporate, Employment & Employment Tax
Tim Fongern, Spencer West Partner
Tim A. Fongern
Partner - Corporate, M&A
Karl Foster
Partner - Commercial
Edward Garston
Partner - Corporate Commercial
Paul Gilks
Partner - Corporate
Joseph Githaiga
Partner & Co-founder - Corporate & Commercial, Data Protection and Privacy, Regulatory Compliance
Howard Goldsobel
Partner – Corporate & Commercial
Chantelle Gough
Partner - Corporate, Technology and Healthtech
Sanusha Govender
Partner - Commercial, Corporate & Mining
Rabia Omar Hassan
Partner - Corporate
Maxwell Hudson
Consultant - Corporate, Commercial & Financial Services
Desiree Jacob
Partner - Director Cayman Islands Office
Spencer West Partner Haanee Khan
Haanee Khan
Founding Managing Partner (Kenya), Corporate, Commercial, Finance & Aviation
Shamma Niaz Khonbati
Paralegal - Corporate, Commercial & Real Estate
Ashley King-Christopher
Partner - Private Wealth, Tax and Family Offices
James Klein
Partner - Venture Capital, Technology and International M&A
Natalie Knight-Wickens
Partner - Corporate & Commercial
Tamara Maduro
Partner - Corporate, Banking & Finance
Basil Kgaugelo Mashabane
Partner - Corporate, Commercial, Data Privacy, Commercial Litigation & Pension Funds Law
Lauren McGarry
Associate - Corporate and Finance
John McMahon
Partner - Corporate, Commercial
Ilana Menachemson
Partner - Corporate & Commercial
Paul Nathan
Partner - Dispute Resolution, Company Commercial and Insolvency
Teodosia Osir
Partner - Corporate, Commercial and Aviation
Penny Paddle
Partner - Corporate and Commercial
Christopher Perrin
Partner - Commercial, Technology, Outsourcing and Data
Jo Probert
Partner – Corporate
Eusebio Pujol
Partner - Corporate and Commercial; M&A; Real Estate
Paul Puxon
Partner – Corporate and Commercial
Zoya Rao
Partner - Corporate, Commercial and Dispute Resolution
Daniel Russell, Spencer West corporate lawyer
Daniel Russell
Partner - Corporate, Investment Funds, Finance
Dr. Georg Seitz
Partner - Commercial, Corporate, Corporate Governance, Contracting.
Andrew Sparrow
Senior Counsel – Corporate and Commercial, IT, IP, Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection and Commercial Aerospace
Bradley Theobald
Partner - Corporate and Intellectual Property transactions
Peter Vas
Partner - Banking & Finance, Corporate
Clare Waller
Partner - Commercial & Corporate
Simon Ward
Partner – Corporate & Commercial | Technology
Philip Webster
Partner - Banking & Finance, Corporate
Christian Wilson
Partner – Corporate
Simon Wilson
Partner - Corporate
Euri Yoon
Partner – Tax