Christiana Antoniou

Christiana Antoniou is an experienced lawyer, registered in Nicosia and Cyprus Bar Association, and is the Managing Partner of Spencer West in Cyprus. She graduated from Kingston University (London), and she gained LLM (with specialization in Corporate and Commercial law) from University College London. She recently completed with success her FinTech Course and she is certified by Harvard University in that sector.

She is dealing with corporate and commercial law matters, real estate, and business immigration matters and she has a strong understanding of the legal framework that governs these areas. Her expertise is rooted in a deep knowledge of applicable laws and regulations, both domestic and international. She is also well-versed in the complexities of corporate structures and transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, and reorganisations.

She is highly experienced in providing advice to clients in the real estate industry. Her advice is always tailored to the specific facts of each matter, and she works to ensure that her client’s interests are always protected.

She has a long history of working on complex corporate and commercial transactions and has particular experience in the acquisition and disposal of businesses, joint ventures, shareholders’ agreements, and other corporate arrangements. She regularly advises on and drafts a wide range of commercial agreements as well as agreements/documents related to the acquisition of real estate.

She is able to provide her clients with tailored advice that is rooted in an appreciation of their objectives and a deep understanding of the legal, commercial, and regulatory environment in which they operate.

Relevant experience:

1) Advice on daily legal matters providing solutions, with classified advertising online platforms in Cyprus.

2) Advice on employment law issues.

3) Advice on the acquisition of real estate property in Cyprus.

4) Advice on cross-border mergers between Cyprus and EU companies.

5) Advice on a multi-jurisdictional construction project within the EU for students’ accommodation.

6) Assist companies to be registered to the Registry of Foreign Interest Companies in Cyprus and their employees to obtain their employment permits as well as their family matters to obtain their residence permits through the family reunification process.