The TMT sector continues to evolve rapidly in the face of ongoing digitalisation, continued convergence and disruption from new technologies. The need for dynamic and incisive business advice is paramount.

We support our clients as they innovate and diversify traditional business models, transform commercial and operational strategies and navigate legal and regulatory challenges. We offer strategic, flexible and responsive solutions in helping our clients pursue opportunities and mitigate risks worldwide, in particular in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

Many of the digital TMT projects that we get involved in require us to have a deep appreciation of the technology involved such as cloud computing, FinTech, the internet of things, robotics – we have lawyers who are interested and knowledgeable in the detail. Members of our team have scientific backgrounds with qualifications and accreditations in information security and software developments.

The Spencer West TMT Practice also includes AI expertise. Our clients range from AI tech start ups/techpreneurs, specialised in designing, producing and distributing AI programs and platforms, through to trade partners and financial investors for the commercialisation journey of AI models. Our team is experienced in advising successful start-ups on a broad range of legal issues impacting AI businesses, including data protection/privacy, intellectual property, corporate fundraising and structuring, commercial partnerships, IT/cloud arrangements, IP/database/copyright rights, and employment incentive schemes. In particular, we are currently advising a client who is building a disruptive AI system with limited human intervention for consultants and clients in the same industry that they have previously worked in on the risk and licensing of the technology, as well as a tech start-up on an internal employee AI governance policy.

Our highly experienced team has broad sector expertise in advising a wide range of market participants, allowing us to integrate with our clients’ business, technical and legal teams to provide relevant and focused advice. We work seamlessly with colleagues from other practice areas, including litigation, competition, employment, and real estate, so that whatever the issue, our lawyers are able to assist you throughout.

What we advise on
  • Traditional Network Services agreements, such as procurement, wholesale capacity, IRUs
  • Cloud and digital services agreements, including Saas, PaaS, IaaS
  • Network-sharing and infrastructure projects
  • Outsourcings and IT contracts, including IT systems procurement, systems integration, software licencing, block chain and smart agreements
  • Data protection, big data exploitation and cybersecurity
  • E-commerce online business, including issues associated with e-commerce websites and mobile applications, such as e-commerce regulations, website compliance, Acceptable Terms of Use
  • International “best practice” regulatory strategy and policy, and new technology/convergence legal frameworks
  • Mobile networks, spectrum auctions, and MVNOs
  • Strategic partnerships and joint ventures
  • Dispute resolution and settlement strategies
  • IP/IT/Media licensing, including format licensing, influencers and other forms of content exploitation
  • Sales and acquisitions in the telecommunications, media and technology industries
  • Digitalisation and digital transformation, including in relation to investment in adjacent industries and sectors
  • Design, creative and corporate branding and advertising, sponsorship and brand placement, reputation and brand management
  • Investment in Fintech, blockchain and smart contracts, cryptocurrency, token and securities, ICOs and other digital financial products
  • Space regulation and policy, and commercial exploitation of outer space activities, including IP/IT arrangements
Who we work with
  • Digital TMT companies, including network operators, service providers, content companies, app and platform developers
  • Media companies, broadcasters, film and television production companies, talent and advertising agencies, influencers Managed Service Providers
  • e-Commerce providers
  • Digital advertising and media companies
  • Technology companies and software developers
  • Hardware and peripherals manufacturers
  • Researchers/data analysts and data processors
  • Games companies
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups

Meet our team

Andrew Ailwood
Partner - Media, Corporate and Commercial, TMT
Jeremy Berg
Partner - Dispute Resolution
Andrew Bird
Partner – Corporate
Paolo Caldato
Partner – Commercial Dispute Resolution
Jan Cant
Partner – Corporate Law, M&A, Contracting, IT & Telecoms, PPP, GDPR, International Institutions, Construction and Real Estate
Jowanna Conboye
Partner - Intellectual Property; Technology; Commercial
Poh-Leng Devare
Partner – Commercial, Intellectual Property, Data Protection
Dhana Doobay
Partner – Telecoms, Media & Technology
Richard Eccles
Partner - Competition Law
Stuart Evans
Partner - Commercial Dispute Resolution
Karl Foster
Partner - Commercial
Natalie Knight-Wickens
Partner - Corporate & Commercial
Ilana Menachemson
Partner - Corporate & Commercial
Ted Mercer
Partner - Communication Industries and Dispute Resolution
Christopher Perrin
Partner - Commercial, Technology, Outsourcing and Data
Edmund Probert
Partner – Commercial Law, IT Contracts & Intellectual Property
Spencer West Partner Dr. Peter Schneidereit
Dr. Peter Schneidereit
Partner - IT Contracts and Data Protection
Philip Solomons
Partner – Corporate and Commercial
Andrew Sparrow
Senior Counsel – Corporate and Commercial, IT, IP, Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection and Commercial Aerospace
Simon Ward
Partner – Corporate & Commercial | Technology