Haanee Khan

Spencer West Partner Haanee Khan

Haanee Khan is a distinguished legal professional with a rich background in Corporate & Commercial law, particularly renowned for his expertise in the Aviation industry. With a career spanning top-tiered law firms in Kenya, Haanee has honed his skills while heading the business development function and contributing to African committees for several prominent international firms. His career has seen him advising some of the largest companies and investment houses in the region, catering to a diverse clientele including corporate entities, financial institutions, and private clients.

As the Founding and Managing Partner of Spencer West, Kenya, Haanee leads with a visionary approach, overseeing the firm’s strategic direction and fostering a culture of excellence. His core practice areas include Corporate & Commercial law, with a specialized focus on Aviation law.

Haanee’s expertise extends across a spectrum of legal matters, from Corporate M&A transactions to Aviation Finance & Regulatory work. In the realm of Corporate law, he has been instrumental in facilitating private equity deals, mergers, and acquisitions, with a keen understanding of specialist sectors such as healthcare, communications, aviation, and banking. He was part of the team that worked on the merger of two of the largest Banks in East Africa and more recently he has advised on a significant de-merger in the Kenyan insurance sector.

In his capacity as an Aviation lawyer, Haanee has earned accolades for his advisory role to airlines, leasing companies, and lenders on a wide range of aviation-related issues. He is a sought-after speaker at key aviation events, where his insights and expertise contribute significantly to industry discourse and innovation.

Haanee embodies a commitment to excellence, integrity, and client-centric service, making him a trusted advisor in the legal landscape of Kenya and beyond.