Dr Artur Bunk

Artur is an experienced restructuring advisor with a profound grasp of the unspoken rules of the game that surround negotiations and financial restructuring in a distressed situation.

His professional experience as VP-Restructuring in one of the largest Financial Institutions in Germany (KfW – IPEX), where he often represented an entire consortium of banks in restructuring negotiations, provided him with a unique insight into internal procedures of lending institutions. In his practice he was involved in a number of complex cross-border litigation matters, where his understanding of business proved crucial in his analysis of cases and presentation before the courts. At the same time his court experience has made him aware of the practical risks associated with the implementation of contracts, often overlooked or ignored.

Ever since the beginning of his career, his practice has been cross-border oriented. He regularly works as part of an international team of lawyers and advisors from different jurisdictions and has been doing so for well over 20 years.