Cameron Hill

Cameron has been practising as a Barrister and Advocate since 1996; specialising in commercial dispute resolution, and particularly, as well as a wider range of commercial matters, including an insolvency element.

Cameron has been lead counsel in a large number of Bermuda commercial cases, including issues relating to common law recognition of foreign office holders, obtaining evidence from abroad in aid of Bermuda proceedings (including arbitrations) and many others.

Cameron has been counsel in a number of arbitrations in London and Bermuda, and has advised on quantum, liability and evidential obstacles and has made various applications to the Court in support of arbitration clauses.

Recent notable reported cases in which Cameron has acted include:

Andrew Crisson v. Marshall Diel & Myers Ltd Appeal Judgment allowing Andrew Crisson’s appeal and discharging a freezing order against him in Andrew Crisson v. Marshall Diel & Myers Limited at Bermuda Court of Appeal – 11 June 2021

Michael Woodroffe v. Pamela Woodroffe Judgment regarding “the ability to enforce arrears of maintenance” arising from divorce proceedings in Michael Woodroffe, who is president of Kirkway International Ltd., a Bermuda insurance broker v. Pamela Woodroffe (née Collins) at Bermuda Court of Appeal – 12 April 2021.