Court of Protection & Deputyship

Nobody wants to think about becoming unable to manage their affairs. Our team offer specialist legal advice to individuals, families, trustees, beneficiaries, and other professionals on issues relating to loss of capacity.

From health matters to managing investments and paying bills, we can implement relevant documentation and manage an individual's personal and financial affairs if they suffer a loss of physical or mental incapacity. We provide pragmatic advice and support to ensure the right arrangements are in place if the worst happens.

Where clients lack capacity to handle their own financial affairs, our team can assist with Court of Protection matters where the deputy is a family member. We can also help to resolve and avoid disputes when an individual becomes vulnerable or loses capacity.

This complex area of the law requires careful, skilful and sensitive management and we are experienced in dealing with issues arising from loss of capacity and high value compensation awards and personal injury trusts.

With the aim of alleviating the pressure on family members so that they can focus on the emotional and practical support they wish to give, we provide professional trustee services for the protection of the individual and work closely with the Court of Protection, the individual and their family to ensure decisions are made in their best interests.


We advise on:
  • acting as professional deputy for property and financial affairs
  • assisting with applications to the Court of Protection
  • the legal requirements of the Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • applications for statutory wills
  • personal injury trusts
  • disabled person's trusts
  • acting as expert witnesses at trial


We act for:
  • individuals
  • families
  • carers
  • trustees
  • beneficiaries
  • professionals