Alan Taylor

Alan is a seasoned Conveyancing Solicitor, having qualified in 1974 and for nearly five decades, has been continually evolving with the tides of change while always maintaining a steadfast dedication to his clients’ needs.

His longevity in the field and his expertise extends beyond the mere application of legal principles, diving into the granular details that separate a seamless transaction from a problematic one.

Though his professional demeanour might imply otherwise, Alan possesses a keen sense of humour, often utilised to infuse his work with a sense of lightness. However, this never detracts from the serious nature of his work or the professionalism he upholds.

When not engrossed in the fine print of property law, Alan enjoys listening to good music and reading although his priority always remains the provision of superior, thorough, and professional conveyancing services to his clients. In short, Alan Taylor represents the perfect blend of seasoned expertise and genuine personal care in the field of conveyancing law.