Helen (Lihui) Chen

As an experienced international business solicitor, I have dedicated over 20 years of my professional life to advising clients on global relocation and cross-border business affairs. My extensive experience in both the UK and China has provided me with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that arise in the context of international business.

My deep understanding of the complexities of cross-border transactions, combined with my ability to navigate cultural differences and the legal landscape of multiple jurisdictions, has earned me a reputation as a trusted advisor to businesses of all sizes, providing them with sound legal counsel on a range of issues from establishing new business operations, advising on complex regulatory environments, to managing cross-border transactions.

My expertise in cross-border business and global relocation has made me an asset to my clients, who rely on my ability to provide practical and strategic guidance to help them succeed in their international ventures. Whether advising on the legal implications of a global relocation, or negotiating complex cross-border transactions, I am committed to delivering the highest quality of legal services to my clients.

Relevant experience

• Acting for a client in the restructuring and selling of a multi-million pound UK business to an American company.

• Advising on business restructuring, involving a hive down, a Substantial Shareholding Exemption (SSE) for tax purposes, and transfer of a going concern (TOGC) business for VAT treatment.

• Acting for a logistics company on the negotiation of contracts with various e-commerce platforms and jurisdictions.

• Representing clients in successfully resisting a European Arrest Warrant and Extradition Order in two different EU countries.

• Acting for clients purchasing commercial and residential properties in England and Wales.

• Assisting with matters that cover the full lifecycle of an organisation from start-up to closing down of the business, including restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

• Representing clients on their immigration applications covering all business immigration categories from Tier 2 working visa through to entrepreneurs visas.