Our Values

Our values are technical excellence, business acumen and a collaborative approach. Each of our colleagues has been rigorously selected in accordance with these values. They are rooted in a culture where every person and their family matters. We feel this leads to collaborative and open relationships with clients and our colleagues. 

It engenders teamwork, where the right disciplines and sectoral expertise are garnered for each assignment. 

It fosters partnering with clients as their long term, trusted advisers. 

“Our law firm is unique – we offer flexibility, outstanding calibre, a collaborative culture, investment in our Partners’ practices, and the highest rates of remuneration of any comparable law firm.”

Simeon Spencer, Senior Partner

“The firm models a new form of leadership, where each Partner is recognised as a leader in their field and given the flexibility and support to develop those qualities and contribute to the development of the firm, which in a very real sense, belongs to us all. As a firm, we are all enjoined to be catalysts for each other.”

Antoine West, Managing Partner

Our culture is rare– a rich combination of expertise, commercial qualities and teamwork.


Our Mission

Spencer West brings its core values of Excellence, Collaboration and a strong Business Focus to the law. We exist to be a world-changing law firm by being a diverse, international community of lawyers, liberated to build powerful networks of practice locally and globally.

Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable future in a way that measurably alleviates poverty and sustainably impacts the environment. We will do this by polluting and consuming less, for example through promoting recycling across our spheres of influence; through using digital communication and remote working instead of international travel; through promoting low carbon forms of energy production; by selecting high-impact beneficiaries; and by providing support and relief.

Specific examples include supporting the development of more than 3 gigawatts of solar and wind power by providing expert advice to stakeholders and Industry; supporting endangered species such as the iconic Asian Elephant; supporting disadvantaged communities such as smallholder farmers in the Caribbean; working with diverse faith organisations to provide food banks across West London; providing pro bono legal services to ensure access to justice for those who need it most; collaborating with clients to provide curriculum-based sustainability initiatives in schools across London; offering work experience schemes; and providing support for vulnerable families in North London and Hertfordshire.


Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

At Spencer West, we firmly believe that diverse teams make better, more insightful decisions, and that they have a positive impact on the culture of our firm and the work we do for our clients on a local, regional and global basis. We are continually learning as an international community, whether through central training programmes, sharing knowledge within our specialist teams and practice areas, or through collaboration with colleagues across the firm.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are firmly embedded in our business strategy, including our plans for growth. Spencer West is committed to continuing to build teams from a variety of backgrounds, skills, experience and views, and to removing barriers for entry into legal careers.

We undertake regular surveys of our colleagues so that we can continue to understand, support and develop them. Our surveys tell us that we are a diverse community but we continue to learn from survey results and implement initiatives to ensure everyone has equality of opportunity. A snapshot of our 2022 equal opportunities survey can be found below:

  • The ethnic background of our colleagues is diverse and representative of the regions in which they live and work;
  • There is an even split of men and women working at the firm, particularly in fee earning roles (eg Partners, Solicitors);
  • Our flexible working model is attracting traditionally underrepresented groups such as women and others with caring responsibilities, helping them to achieve the work/life balance they need;
  • The age range of colleagues is predominantly between 34-55 but with notable exceptions above and below that range;
  • We have colleagues with disabilities under the Equality Act 2010, enabling us to offer support and make reasonable adjustments relevant to their individual condition; and
  • A high proportion of our colleagues attended state schools (selective and non-selective) in comparison to fee paying schools.