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Spencer West is a unique workplace, with qualities that make it the ideal choice for lawyers with proven professional experience. We provide an environment rich in flexibility, unparalleled excellence, a culture of collaboration, dedicated investment in our Partners’ growth, and generous remuneration rates. When you become part of Spencer West, you’re not just joining a law firm; you’re joining a tight-knit family of lawyers who inspire and uplift each other.

Collaboration Knows No Bounds
At Spencer West, collaboration isn't confined to our office spaces; it thrives both in-person and virtually. We empower you to work from anywhere, at your convenience, with the support of advanced communication technology and excellent office facilities, available across the UK and internationally.
Empowering Work-Life Harmony
When and how you work is in your hands at Spencer West. Whether you prefer popping into one of our bustling city offices, working from the comfort of your desk at home, or any other location that suits your lifestyle, we're here to support you. Our aim is to help you harmonise your professional commitments with your family life and charitable endeavours.
A Community of Excellence
Joining Spencer West means entering a community of remarkably skilled lawyers, each with a minimum of 10 years of legal expertise. Our legal experts are thought leaders, with deep knowledge in specific areas of law, business and the legal industry, ensuring that excellence is at the core of our practice.
Local Knowledge, Global Reach
Embrace a global reach with local insight. No matter where you're based, Spencer West welcomes your contributions. Our lawyers are strategically located throughout the UK and internationally, working collaboratively on high-quality, cross-border cases. We're supported by a growing network of Spencer West lawyers across five different international regions, ensuring global capabilities with a local touch.
Rewarding Remuneration and Referrals
Our commitment to your success extends to our remuneration structure. Partners typically receive 70% of their billings, and our collaborative internal culture opens doors to lucrative referral opportunities, with successful introductions earning you generous remuneration, typically around 15%
Cultivating Culture and Community
Our culture at Spencer West is truly exceptional - a combination of expertise, business acumen, and teamwork. We take pride in our warm, collaborative community of high-calibre Partners who feel valued and enjoy their collective achievements. This unique culture empowers each Partner to thrive, leading many to describe their experience at Spencer West as the most enjoyable in their professional careers. Join us and discover a world where seasoned professionals flourish together.
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