Amanda Lennon comments on workplace wellbeing in HR Management magazine

With more businesses trying to ensure they provide a great wellbeing culture for both current and potential employees, an article recently published by HR Magazine took a look at how HR can avoid ‘wellbeing washing’ and ensure what they offer employees is meaningful and not just virtue signalling.

The HR Magazine article, featured in a special edition focused on workplace wellbeing, incorporated expert comments, including from our Employment Law Partner and HR and Wellbeing Director, Amanda Lennon.

Amanda stated that she believes that employee objectives should include a wellbeing element, both personally and where there are line management responsibilities. Speaking about the matter she said:”Unless employees feel accountable for workplace wellbeing, both of themselves and others, the reality won’t support the strategy.”

To read Amanda’s thoughts, plus more great tips on how HR can implement effective wellbeing strategies, read the article here.