Can you still get the fourth SEISS grant if you filed your tax return late?

4 May 2021
Partner Amanda Lennon has been featured in the Daily Express, in an article discussing tax return filing and the impact on government SEISS grants for the self-employed.
She is quoted, saying: “Unfortunately, if you file your tax return late, you are likely to be rejected if you then apply for the SEISS grant. This seems rather harsh if the reason you did not file your tax return on time is outside of your control, for instance, ill health. If you do have a genuine reason for filing your tax return late and you wish to apply for the grant, I recommend you contact your accountant, or HMRC using their web chat or helpline options (which is all that appears available to you) to see if an exception could be made in your case. However, exceptions are likely to be few and far between.”
Amanda Lennon
Partner - Employment
Amanda Lennon is a Partner at Spencer West, specialising in all aspects of employment law.