The Certainty Project

If you are currently making your way through the UK court system to divorce your spouse, you are no doubt suffering delays, mounting costs, and a high level of tension with your soon to be ex-partner.

I have worked with many clients, and the biggest challenge is always how best to come to a fair and reasonable agreement with their former partner. This is particularly the case where children are involved and you and your former partner are going to need to co-parent into the future.

You will be dealing with the physical impact on your life, the financial implications, and making big decisions regarding future family dynamics.

Dealing with the finances and the children’s living arrangements used to take between a year and 18 months, but with the current backlog of cases thanks to COVID and a severe lack of funding, you could easily be waiting two years to get to a final hearing and a resolution of matters.

I’d like to introduce you to another way that I have recently discovered: The Certainty Project.

The Certainty Project is a new holistic process which aims to reduce your stress levels by giving you access to experts from the family law community at each stage of the process with flexibility around your timetable. 

The Certainty Project bypasses the courts, instead utilising the existing family law dispute resolution options of mediation and arbitration. Mediation helps you reach your own solutions on a level playing field with your partner. If not all matters are resolved, you can move to Arbitration. 

This is a brand new method of reaching a resolution which can be used for both child arrangements and sorting out the finances. It is less expensive, costing between a third and two thirds of the cost of going to court, and only takes around six-months making it far quicker to reach a resolution. Additionally, with Solicitors, Arbitrators and Mediators all working together on your behalf, you are more likely to achieve the best results for you.

The main reason that I am a great advocate of The Certainty Project, beyond the time and cost savings, is that the ethos really reflects my own – that of cooperation and non-confrontational provision of expert advice.

A whole team of professionals working together in the best interests of the client. What could be better?