Why Spencer West?

Work collaboratively, work anywhere

At Spencer West we are always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join the team, so why should you come and work with us?

Flexibility and work/life balance

Working at Spencer West puts you in charge of when, where and how you work. As part of a growing global law firm, you can work in the firm’s offices based in the City of London, at home or anywhere else at a time and in a way that suits you. We want to make sure you can balance your family, business and charitable commitments.


In joining Spencer West, you will be joining a community of outstandingly able lawyers, all chosen for their technical excellence, business acumen and collaborative approach.

UK and Global reach

You can work at Spencer West wherever you are based in the world. Our lawyers are based across all parts of the UK and internationally, working across borders on high quality work in a way that suits them.

Remuneration, referrals and equity

Our firm provides the highest rates of remuneration of any comparable law firm. Our Partners typically receive 80% of relevant billings. Our Partners also benefit from our strong collaborative culture which results in significant referral opportunities. Partners are handsomely rewarded for introducing clients to the firm. Culture and community

Our colleagues are part of a warm, collaborative culture, where Partners feel valued and enjoy working together as part of a community of high calibre lawyers. Our colleagues’ often comment that they have never enjoyed professional life as much as they do at Spencer West.