Emma Gross comments on the recording of employment tribunals in The Financial Times

14 June 2022

Employment tribunals don’t currently allow for means of recording or transcription, relying instead on note-taking by the Judge.

The Financial Times delves into why this is and the possible repercussions this can have for employees.

The article includes a contribution from Emma Gross, Employment Partner at Spencer West.

Emma explains that in her opinion, “an independent and accessible court record is an absolute must for fair access to justice. Its absence impedes external scrutiny and makes appealing judgments especially tricky for people without lawyers and competent notetakers to support them.”

She goes on to express that, “without the benefit of audio-recording and transcription, you’re asking someone almost the impossible — to go back and remember an exact point of law or point of fact. It definitely puts employees at a disadvantage.”

Read the article here (requires subscription).

Emma Gross
Partner – Employment, Data Protection
Emma Gross is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. She specialises in Complex employment tribunal cases, data protection and the GDPR, negotiating settlements and advising on fair and reasonable redundancy procedures.