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Employment Partner Emma Gross featured in People Management discussing The Protection from…

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Emma Gross writes about retaining staff during the cost-of-living crisis in HR…

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Emma Gross discusses politics and workplace discrimination with HR Director Magazine

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COVID-19: changes to risk assessments, testing and self-isolation

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Emma Gross comments on HR and legal implications of career breaks

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Free Covid 19 Vaccination Policy

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Are you ‘Procedure and Policy ready’ for 2022?

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Emma Gross shares tips on what to do when your boss follows…

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All About Agency Workers

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What you need to know about the Flexible Working Bill

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Legislative Update: Employment Law 2022

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Settlement Agreements: A Fact Sheet for Employers

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What is a Settlement Agreement? Advice for Employees

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Startups features Emma Gross on the end of the furlough scheme

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What happens after the furlough scheme ends?

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International Employment Lawyer features Emma Gross on supporting vulnerable staff members

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What do you do when your employees refuse to return to work?

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Holiday Leave, Coronavirus, and rolling over your days

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Employment Law Current Rates and Limits 2021-22

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The Roadmap and Budget 2021: A summary for UK businesses

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Fire and Rehire

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Employers, employees and vaccinations: rights, responsibilities and GDPR compliance

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Data Protection – where are we now?

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Furlough and Notice Periods

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The Job Support Scheme