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The Holidays Are Coming

If the retailers are to be believed it is never too early to prepare for Christmas. Well, that’s certainly true if you have...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 19 Oct 2022

What will the introduction of no-fault divorce mean?

The new ‘no-fault divorce’ law comes into force TODAY, removing the need for couples to blame each other for the breakdown...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 6 Apr 2022

What financial orders can a court make on divorce?

If you ask the court to make a financial award in a divorce case, it has a number of options open to it. In reaching a...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 7 Feb 2022

Is it possible to get a divorce without going to court?

It is often possible to divorce without the need to attend court, but it is essential that related issues such as a financial...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 28 Jan 2022

Family mediation scheme to help thousands more parents

 Thousands more separating parents will avoid stressful courtroom battles as the Government boosts its landmark family mediation scheme with an a...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 20 Jan 2022

How the Courts deal with finances within divorce proceedings

If parties are unable to reach an agreement on how to divide their finances through solicitors on a voluntary basis or the case...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 10 Jan 2022

All I want for Christmas is... to leave you

Divorce over the festive season – should you wait until January?  The first Monday of January sees family law solicitors...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 21 Dec 2021

The real cost of Divorce

According to the Money Advice Service, an uncontested divorce using the services of a solicitor will cost on average between...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 13 Dec 2021

Form E within Family Court Proceedings

A Form E is the financial document, used within Family Court proceedings, which each party is required to complete to evidence...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 13 Dec 2021

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) In Family Proceedings

In most cases, people prefer to attempt to settle their financial  and children matters out of court in the first...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 6 Dec 2021

In the case of Mediation vs Court: Mediation is the way forward

With family courts experiencing a substantial backlog and the government supporting mediation with a new voucher scheme,...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 1 Dec 2021

Parents Living Separately - Making Child Arrangements

When parents live separately it can be a stressful and emotional time for all concerned including the children, parents,...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 15 Nov 2021

The Certainty Project

If you are currently making your way through the UK court system to divorce your spouse, you are no doubt suffering delays,...

News | Family Law
Posted: 13 Oct 2021

Julie Taylor's Guide to Parental Responsibility

I feel it is important to start at the end when it comes to the topic of parental responsibility, because whilst the law hands...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 4 Oct 2021

Sorting out school holiday arrangements for children

Separated parents will often want their children to spend more time with them during school holidays, and even more so over the festive season. This m...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 28 Sep 2021

Anne-Marie Hamer looks to the future of surrogacy law in Legal Futures

Our Family Law Partner Anne-Marie Hamer has been featured in Legal Futures as part of National Surrogacy Week, discussing the...

Press | Family Law | General
Posted: 5 Aug 2021

Commercial Surrogacy Arrangements

The main difference between altruistic surrogacy and commercial surrogacy is the existence of a commercial agreement binding...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 4 Jun 2021

International Surrogacy

Embarking on a surrogacy arrangement abroad can be daunting for anyone wishing to engage in this process. There are lots of...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 1 Jun 2021

Surrogacy in the UK

Surrogacy is now becoming a well-recognised concept in the U.K, but if you are unfamiliar with what the terms means ‘it...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 25 May 2021

Why should I use protection?

For those who take life seriously, whether you are in a relationship or not you would not leave it to chance if you did not...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 25 Feb 2021

Child Arrangements for Christmas and the New Year

With everything that we have had to endure this year, it’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon us, but it will be...

Article | Family Law
Posted: 12 Nov 2020