An Overview of Interlink Recruitment’s Q&A with our Managing Partner, Spencer West

28 July 2021

Despite the coronavirus pandemic causing significant disruption within the legal sector and challenges for law firms, here at Spencer West we have seen substantial growth both nationally and internationally in the past year. This success is a result of the determination and adaptability of our firm and leadership to be the best at what we do and provide excellent customer service. Our Managing Partner, Antoine West recently completed a Q&A with Interlink Recruitment, to provide insights into how this growth was possible, discussing aspects of our firm which make us stand out and have allowed us to thrive throughout the pandemic.

The Growth of Spencer West

In just a couple of years Spencer West has gone from being a boutique law firm with only two Partners based in London to an international law firm with over 80 Partners throughout the UK and globally. We are continuing to grow, which includes expanding into new practices. West identifies “renewable energy, IP, technology, HNW residential and impact investing” as the areas which we have developed, meaning that we are now a largely full-service firm.

A great supporting factor to this development has been the increase in technology, allowing meetings and document management to take place, giving us the opportunity for international reach. The ability to interview candidates, catch up with employees and share information virtually means that we are expanding into many new countries worldwide with an ease that could never have been thought possible before the pandemic. West states “we are opening new offices in overseas locations all the time as we develop as an international community of Lawyers, all supported by technology”. He furthers that one of the important uses of the technology is “video conferencing” which allows a variety of meetings to take place within our team. This ensures progress and a collaborative environment throughout the firm at all levels and in all geographical locations. Therefore, we remain globally connected without sacrificing personal connection, allowing faster expansion through the reduced need for face-to-face meetings and less travel is required.

The Values of Spencer West

One of the key factors to our success is the values of our firm which influence the way we work in everything we do. West states “we are a values based firm, rooted in the core values of excellence, business acumen and collaboration”. These values ensure teamwork, determination to provide excellent client service and the ability to be innovative and adaptable to situations, using good judgements and quick thinking. This creates an environment where all of our colleagues can succeed, creating a strong community spirit in which every individual is empowered to develop their practice and the wider firm. This collaboration and co-leadership is further encouraged through the “referral fees at 15%” which encourage teamwork, we also have “monthly firm wide meetings” to maintain morale and relationships within our firm.

Read the Full Q&A

In the full Q&A, Antoine West provides a wide range of further insights including the future of Spencer West, our business model, marketing strategy, culture, social events and important attributes for Lawyers looking to join the firm.

You can find the full Q&A at:

Antoine West
Managing Partner - Co-Founder
Antoine West is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. He specialises corporate and commercial, construction claims, commercial dispute resolution & professional negligence.