Fudia Smartt comments on workplace bullying in the Financial Times

4 October 2022

Should employers be doing more to stamp out bullying in the workplace? The Financial Times looks into the issues and dynamics of bullying at work and how bullying can become systemic within company culture, even when an employer states that they do not tolerate it.

Speaking in relation to the financial services sector and about how company policies can sometimes be used against employees, Employment Partner Fudia Smartt contributed to the discussion, stating: “The biggest threat used to bully, is being put on a performance improvement plan or smeared with a conduct issue that prospective employers might hear about and be frightened off by”, before going on to confirm that it is commonplace that victims seldom push to ensure the bully is punished, stating most employees “just want to move on, with an agreed reference”.

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Fudia Smartt
Partner – Employment
Fudia Smartt is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. She specialises in all employment law both domestic and international, disputes and litigation.