Fudia Smartt quoted in People Management on the impact of NHS SSP rule changes on workers with long Covid.

6 February 2023

The NHS changed the rules of their special sick pay (SSP) during the pandemic which allowed workers with long Covid to continue receiving full pay. With these rules now changing, there is concern that those affected by long Covid will now face a significant drop in wages.

People Management magazine wrote about the impact of the decision on NHS workers in an article exploring the wider issue of SSP for long Covid sufferers in employment.

Employment Law Partner Fudia Smartt contributed to the discussion about how people with long Covid meet the criteria required to be eligible for SSP, stating that many long Covid sufferers are likely to fit the criteria of disability, but that even “if they can prove they are disabled, this does not ensure they will be successful in challenging the decision to lower contractual sick pay on the grounds of disability discrimination”.

Read the article in People Management magazine here.

Fudia Smartt
Partner – Employment
Fudia Smartt is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. She specialises in all employment law both domestic and international, disputes and litigation.