Global Insights | Discussing Spencer West Bahamas with Kelly Nottage

In this interview, Michael Parker, International Business Director at Spencer West, sits down with Kelly Nottage, the founding Partner of Spencer West Bahamas, to discuss the firm’s exciting venture into The Bahamas. Kelly Nottage shares his wealth of experience in law and finance, highlighting the strategic decision to join Spencer West and the firm’s unique approach to offering multi-jurisdictional legal services. The conversation explores Spencer West’s focus on establishing a premier Private Client practice in The Bahamas, leveraging its global network and local expertise. Kelly also delves into the appeal of The Bahamas as a financial centre, emphasising the firm’s commitment to excellence, global reach, and tailored legal solutions for clients worldwide.

Michael: Hello Kelly, thank you for speaking with me today. Could you share a bit about your background and what led you to join Spencer West as the founding Partner of the Bahamas office? 

Kelly: Thank you, Michael. My journey started as a pupil and Associate at Higgs & Johnson a top Bahamian law firm, where I honed my skills in Litigation, Banking, and Trust practice groups. Later, as a Senior Trust Officer and Trust Manager at Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited, I delved into structuring and administering trusts, foundations, and fiduciary products. Before joining Spencer West, I founded Sovereign Advisors Bahamas, a boutique legal practice focusing on private client and corporate work. 

Joining Spencer West was a natural fit for me. The firm’s values and vision resonated deeply with my own. As my clients’ needs evolved toward cross-border solutions, Spencer West’s global network of top professionals became a compelling platform to deliver unmatched value. Moreover, the firm’s expertise in private wealth and its presence in renowned financial centres were exactly what I sought to elevate our clients’ experience. 

Michael: That sounds like an exciting transition. Can you tell us more about the unique opportunities that Spencer West Bahamas brings to the table? 

Kelly: Absolutely. Spencer West Bahamas represents a pioneering approach to legal services in The Bahamas. As the only firm globally with offices in premier financial centres such as the Cayman Islands, BVI, Bermuda, the Channel Islands, Switzerland and London, we offer a distinctive advantage. This global reach, combined with our local team’s deep knowledge, enables us to provide clients with tailored solutions, whether their challenges are local or international in scope. 

Our priorities are clear—to establish a premier practice rooted in excellence, capable of serving clients worldwide. This includes attracting top talent to our jurisdiction, raising awareness of our services, and leveraging our expansive network to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients. 

Michael: It’s fascinating to hear about the global perspective Spencer West Bahamas brings. How do you envision collaborating with partners across the globe to enhance client offerings? 

Kelly: Collaboration is at the heart of our strategy, and that’s one of the ways that Spencer West was such a great fit for us. By working closely with Spencer West Partners in their key financial hubs we’re building a formidable network of services and legal expertise. This approach ensures that our clients receive the best solutions possible, leveraging insights from diverse jurisdictions and legal landscapes. 

Our goal is to provide seamless, multi-jurisdictional advice that addresses the complex needs of today’s global clients. Spencer West’s innovative model allows us to tap into a wealth of resources, empowering us to deliver unparalleled service and value. 

Michael: The Bahamas is known for its rich culture and history. How do you see the island’s unique environment influencing Spencer West’s practice? 

Kelly: That culture and history are integral to our practice. The island’s legacy as a hub of international trade and shipping routes shapes our approach to serving clients from diverse backgrounds. We embrace this rich heritage, drawing inspiration from the spirit of innovation and resilience that defines The Bahamas. 

Our goal is to blend this cultural richness with cutting-edge legal expertise, creating a practice that is not only rooted in tradition but also forward-thinking and dynamic. Spencer West Bahamas is more than a law firm; it’s a reflection of the diverse and dynamic environment we operate in. 

Michael: Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your insights on Spencer West Bahamas. It’s clear that the office represents a significant step forward in providing exceptional legal services with a global perspective. We look forward to seeing the impact of your work in The Bahamas and beyond. 

Kelly: Thank you, Michael. It’s been a pleasure discussing our vision for Spencer West Bahamas. I’m excited about the opportunities ahead and the value we’ll bring to our clients. 

Michael Parker
Partner – Commercial Dispute Resolution
Michael Parker is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. He specialises in insurance, commodities and logistics.
K. Kelly Nottage
Founding Partner, Spencer West Bahamas - International Private Client, Trusts and Estates