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news 13 Feb 2024

Spencer West Announces Publication of ‘Legal Aspects of Cryptocurrency in the UK’…

Competition Consumer Rights Class Action
news 12 Feb 2024

Competition Consumer Rights Class Action Challenges BT’s £1.3billion Overcharging of Landlines

news 1 Nov 2023

Responsible AI governance

news 6 Oct 2023

Sustainability in Space – Westlaw Space Law collaboration

news 15 Jun 2023

AI Governance comes a step closer

news 3 Jan 2023

Dhana Doobay looks back at the year in tech

news 14 Dec 2022

The European Digital Markets Act 2022 enters into force

news 6 Dec 2022

Dhana Doobay contributes to Verdict’s discussion on privacy in the metaverse

news 28 Nov 2022

The UK’s new space regulation is a silent success story which will…

news 6 Oct 2022

CLIENT CASE STUDY: Asia Robotics Start-up

news 5 Oct 2022

Tech Tips | Privacy and Data Protection

news 28 Sep 2022

TMT News | Digital Comms Regulation