Sustainability in Space – Westlaw Space Law collaboration

The clock is ticking on the need for international co-ordination and regulation on a crucial issue for the growing Space ecosystem.

As the UK and international space industry continues to expand, sustainability in outer space – particularly the need to tackle the deepening space debris problem, is becoming an increasingly urgent requirement.

Our TMT Partner, Dhana Doobay, and Space Law consultant, Andrew Sparrow highlighted the growing importance of governments, regulators and operators to push Space Sustainability up the agenda in a new TMT article for Westlaw UK (Thomson Reuters).

In September, the UK Government proposed a space sustainability roadmap out to 2050 and beyond, and the implementation of operator measures designed to promote sustainability. The US government is also taking action – Satellite television company Dish Network has just been fined US$150,000 fine for failing to properly dispose of one of its satellites, marking the first time federal regulators have issued such a penalty.

The article can be accessed by Westlaw UK subscribers here.

Andrew Sparrow
Senior Counsel – Corporate and Commercial, IT, IP, Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection and Commercial Aerospace
Andrew Sparrow is one of the Senior Counsel at Spencer West. He specialises in corporate and commercial, healthcare, automotive, biotechnology, fintech, fashion, software, film, sports and digital media.
Dhana Doobay
Partner – Telecoms, Media & Technology
Dhana Doobay is a Partner at Spencer West. She specialises in Telecoms, Media & Technology, Cloud and digital services, Network-sharing and infrastructure projects, International “best practice” regulatory strategy, Mobile ecosystems and Strategic partnerships