Inheritance & Trust Disputes

Trusts and estate disputes are unfortunately extremely common. Our specialist lawyers are experts at resolving and avoiding disputes on the interpretation of a Will, the value of estate assets, mismanagement by executors and disagreements between beneficiaries.

Contentious probate matters can be extremely stressful and challenging, and of course these matters often arise at what is likely to be an exceedingly difficult and emotional time.

Whatever your situation, and however complicated, we are at your side to provide experienced guidance and advice to help you navigate the issues when probate is being contested.

We deal with disputes of all sizes and levels of complexity, and we have the expertise to assist, whether you are making or defending a contentious probate claim.

We have significant experience advising on complex estates with multiple properties, businesses and international assets. Our focus is on meeting your objectives, protecting your interests and retaining value in the estate.

From complex wealth structures and trusts to property assets, financial investments and rural estates, we provide a comprehensive service to our private wealth clients who turn to us when they are looking to obtain the best possible results when seeking to resolve trusts and estates disputes.

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Hilesh Chavda

Hilesh Chavda

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